South Kiosk is pleased to present Scene from Here, a group exhibition of eight London-based artists: Begg, Lord Biscuit, Camila Colussi, Akinsola Lawanson, Sihan Ling, Niamh Schmidtke, Eleni Zervou, and Arthur Wilson (in collaboration with Kachi Chan and Nic Faris).

The exhibition brings together multiple geographies—the 2019 Chilean riots, Yugoslavia’s space-programme, literature from Hong Kong, a ferry route out of Ireland, English tower blocks, the river Thames and the Cretan sea, and the gallery itself and its specific conditions—reflecting on how sense of place, history and memory are constructed and mediated by space and technology. Across the works, personal archives, data, finances, visuals, and online protests are used as processes of world-making and reimagining.

Why place these works together? Why the cacophony of geographies in film, audio, ceramics, books and objects? For four months this group of artists shared a strange workplace, caring for a school of flying robots as part of a technically challenging exhibition. Over this period they developed personal and artistic affinities with one another, learning about each other’s personalities, sense of place, and mutual feelings of precarity in London, within a semi-opaque mesh tent.

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