(re)semblance is the first group exhibition from Year 1 BA Documentary Photography & Photojournalism students at the London College of Communication. It brings together four themes: Self, Home, Cultural Identity, Places and Objects. The project began with each photographer writing a brief, then being put into pairs and swapping ideas.

Despite this, as each project was realised – in partnership – clear themes began to emerge that expressed a shared experience. Every one of us is at a new beginning, leaving behind home, family, and for many of us our language and cultural identity. In shooting our partner’s project each individual has somehow returned to what’s important to their own identity.

The Year 1 Documentary Photography & Photojournalism class features a wide range of backgrounds. Contrasting this with the beginning of individuality at university, the exhibition houses a diverse range of subject matter, sprouted from the weight of past experience. An investigation of personal interest, the photographers provide a representation of the collective, collaborative atmosphere surrounding our course.

Whilst the exhibition exclusively features the individual’s insight, outsiders are encouraged to resonate within their own connections, turning the inside out.

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