Royal College of Art Research students across Arts and Humanities, Communications, Design and Architecture warmly invite you to our Research Biennale 2023, showcasing over 70 significant contributions to our contemporary landscape.

In honour of Julio Cortazar’s ruminating masterpiece, Hopscotch, a book that encourages the reader to decide their own journey and connect the dots to reveal different stories, we invite you to the magic of each room. Where different disciplinary approaches inspire one to think, to play, to question, and to dream. Enter via the soul of every nourishing environment – The Kitchen. Here you will find new art forms, from the holographic, to the performative. You then have several choices: move into the Chalk Room, The Larder, Karen’s Room or the Green Room, where ingredients of making rub shoulders with the nomadism of hope, violence, curiosity, cruelty, rumination.

The opening is on Thursday 22 June, with a focused set of intensive performances and celebration of making and doing, from 6pm – closing. Workshops will take place on Friday from 10am – onwards, and a closing event on Saturday evening. All are welcome to partake in this intense experimental moment.

Private View – Thursday 22nd June, 6 – 9:30pm
Closing event – Saturday 24th June, 6 – 9pm



Thursday 22 June – PV Performances:

6:15pm durational
– no better, no worse – no change – no pain – (Hannah Clarkson)
Durational performance. The artist will be interacting with the work in situ at different intervals during the evening.
Taking place in The Larder.

Orientalism’s Lasting Legacy – On Being a British South Asian Woman (Sohaila Baluch)
Performative reading, linked to the work on show.
Taking place in Chalk Room.

Running Away with Herselves (Charlie Lee-Potter)
Performative work.
Taking place in The Kitchen.

In the Bye Bye (Ahaad Alamoudi)
Taking place in The Kitchen.

7: 45-8:30pm
Feeling the Blues: Movement Two (Roshana Rubin Mayhew)
Performance with live sound mixing by Lyndon Lewis.
Taking place in The Kitchen.

Saturday 24 June – Workshops/ Presentations and Panels (all taking place in The Kitchen):

Design, Biology and Clothes Moths: Mapping a novel ecosystem for wool recycling (Chiara Tommencioni Pisapia + Bethan Highley PhD Candidate, Centre for Novel Agricultural Products, Department of Biology, University of York)
Presentation with Q&A

(Chiara Tommencioni Pisapia)
Workshop to populate an initial map of textile recycling strategies for wool by enzymatic process. The map involves ecological consideration alongside attention to looking at stakeholders, responsibility, scales and disciplinary domains and wool’s waste streams (pre- and post-consumers).

Performative lecture, Floating Archipelagos (Sofie Layton)
Creating artworks and narratives that take the medical image and its data beyond the diagnostic.

Workshop, Humanising the materiality of papier-mâché (Elizabeth Folashade Olukoya)

Panel Discussion, Ethical and Moral Considerations in the Selection of Research Methods. (Carmen Hannibal)

Workshop, Collaborative Improvisation: The body as modality of transition. (Claire van Rhyn)
In this Collaborative Improvisation workshop, we will explore the body as modality for engaging with social transitions. You will be introduced to a series of semi-structured relational movement activities which consider bodied communication & knowledge generation; the relationship between the individual body, group body, & contextual body; the body as archival & anticipatory; and explore real-world social transition issues using the affordances of the body. All welcome: activities are adapted for all bodies and levels of mobility.

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