Ismael Rodríguez Fernández’s first solo exhibition in London titled “The Breathing Island”.

The exhibition promises to be a culmination of Rodríguez’s recent works, in which he addresses recurring themes in his art, such as nature, memory, and personal imaginaries, hybridized within a new context – contemporary concerns, and experiences acquired during his displacement.

Through imagined images, Rodríguez provides an existential testimony in which his life circumstances enter into dialogue with the elements of his new inhabited landscape, alongside insects, crawlers, and living beings that, together with humans, breathe and live in a world currently surrounded by constant erosion. How can a dialogue be established with other species? How different are we from the non-human? Rodríguez addresses notions of ecology, respect for non-human lives, and communion with the living landscape – a message of repair conceived beyond anthropocentrism .

The show promises to be a captivating and thought-provoking exhibition, inviting visitors to embark on a contemplative exploration of nature and the intricate connections that bind us all. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the compelling artistry of Ismael Rodríguez Fernández through paintings, sculptures, embellished prints, installation as well as live performances.

Private View: Thursday 20th 6-10:30pm

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