“Savouring Shadows: The Appetite for Photography” invites you to indulge in an immersive feast of transformed photography. This exhibition celebrates artists who venture beyond the conventional, breaking the boundaries of the photograph to craft a multisensory experience. Each artwork transcends its two-dimensional form, igniting a dialogue between space, image, and observer.

Engage with these photographic narratives that go further than the visual, inviting you to savour the interplay of shadows, textures, and emotions.

“Savouring Shadows” dares you to partake in the photograph as more than an image, embracing the notion that art exists not only to be seen but also to be felt, experienced, and shared.

Benjamin Bird
Eli Pimentel Lopez De Cetin
Nadia Magda Abatorab-Manikowska
Rowena Liangru Lu
Xicheng Lu
Aastha Patel
Albert Ng
Suiming Gong
Yuhong Gan
Angela Blažanović
Claire Sunho Lee
Dingyue Fan
Joud Fahmy
Lina Alimbekova
Linnéa Duckworth
Mariam Menteshashvili
Nicole Burnay
Priysha Rajvanshi
Xiaotong Jiang
Kailai Zhang
Mingyue Xue
Patricio Villanueva
Qian Jiang
Xuefei Wang
Yu Qiao
Bethany Sewell
Edward Wright
Tsan Wang
Ziyun Cheng

Curated by Nadia Magda Abatorab-Manikowska
Co-curated by Angela Blažanović

Graphic Design by Patricio Villanueva

PV: Thursday 7th September – 6-10pm


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