Dapaah Gallery is proud to present the debut duo solo shows, ‘Epistles of Hope’ by Cyril France, and ‘Nobody Be Like Woman’ by Enighe Amba.

Curated by Raphael Dapaah, Enighe Amba’s series celebrates the feminine divinity of women, and the sanctity of sorority, whilst Cyril France explores the audacity of hope and the tenacity of faith, against all odds.

‘Epistles of Hope’ is an odyssey of self discovery, faith and perseverance, rooted in biblical themes and undertones which reflect the artist, Cyril France’s deep reverence for God, and also pays homage to his Grandfather, J.D. Okae, one of Ghana’s (pre-independence) founding art practitioners and storied artists.

“My paintings serve as a testament to the fusion of my Ghanaian upbringing and the influences I have encountered along my artistic journey. Each canvas becomes a window into my world, inviting viewers to accompany me on a visual voyage where personal experiences intertwine with artistic inspiration”.

‘Nobody Be Like Woman’ is inspired by the artist’s deep admiration and respect for women; Enighe Amba’s series explores the multifaceted and layered nature of the women who have shaped and moulded her personal journey into womanhood, but also those who although unknown to her personally, she understands and is inspired by through her consciousness of their shared universal experiences.

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