Film Premiere and Immersive Exhibition

For his recent major exhibition, Inside – 2021, My Dog Sighs attracted 10,000 visitors to an abandoned ballroom in Southsea despite a funding crisis, break-ins and even a fire. The journey to transform this derelict building into a mesmeric world inhabited by the artist’s ‘Quiet Little Voices’ was captured and a 13 minute documentary film is launching this May alongside the artist’s first London exhibition of this scale.

During the exhibition and film premiere, My Dog Sighs will be up to his usual antics including murals and a free art scavenger hunt – the most recent of which was attended by 30,000 people.

The Film:
Moving into sculpture for the first time, My Dog Sighs’ goal was to create a utopian society, each imaginary character representing different aspects of the human condition, amongst the decay of a vast abandoned ballroom. But will he even be able to open the doors to the public? Will anyone discover the beauty of this forgotten space, and experience the power of creativity to inspire and uplift communities?

The story told in this documentary film is one that is relatable to all true creatives – one where overcoming the impacts of lockdown and multiple hurdles was a must as failing to bring joy with his vision just wouldn’t do.

The Exhibition:
The accompanying exhibition, ‘Inside Out’, is an artwork in and of itself. Across four rooms, the viewer will be immersed in many of the sculptures that formed ‘Inside’ alongside a new body of work that is an evolution of the artist’s practice. With a focus on reclaimed materials, My Dog Sighs uncovers the beauty of these disregarded resources and encourages the power creativity can give to the traditionally quieter voices.

Recognising the parallels between the forgotten materials and spaces in his work and so frequently overlooked homeless people on the streets, My Dog Sighs has over the last few years fostered a strong relationship with The Big Issue. Last summer The Big Issue invited him to be the guest editor of the annual arts edition. As part of ‘Inside Out’ My Dog Sighs has invited Big Issue sellers to be at the private view with the latest edition of the magazine.

As discussed in his Ted Talk, My Dog Sighs believes that discovering art should be accessible to all so the exhibition and film will be free for all attendees.

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