Unlock the power of questioning! Join The Temple for a transformative workshop diving into effective questioning techniques. Get ready to elevate your conversations, improve your relationships and inspire others.

2hr facilitated workshop with an executive coach. (Suitable for 15+ and people from all walks of life, professionals and families)

Our mission is to democratise leadership and coaching skills/human skills, making them accessible to all people, thereby fostering human intelligence in an era dominated by AI and technology. We strive to equip people with the necessary mind and social tools, and strategies to navigate the evolving landscape, enabling us to remain relevant, empathetic, and impactful.

Human Intelligence
Human intelligence is all about how smart and capable we are as people, but it’s not just about being book-smart or knowing a lot of facts. It’s also about how we understand and manage our feelings, how we get along with others and build relationships, communicate and how we come up with new ideas.

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