Art can be a spaceship, a mirror, a portal, or a petition. It imagines how things might be and challenges how things are. The exhibition ‘Live in a New World’ includes paintings, sculptures, textiles and prints that explore human connection, Disability representation and the materiality of popular culture. You’ll encounter imagery of pub signs and monster trucks, hip-hop royalty and roller coaster rides. Collectively the artworks refuse to accept imposed limitations and offer portals to a more equitable and liveable new world.

Andre Williams | Aysen Aktu | Christian Ovonlen | Clifton Wright | Danielle Green | Dawn Wilson | Ishaq Beckford | Jordan Moody | Kevin Jacobs | Lisa Contucci | Lisa Trim | Luigi Lollobrigida | Mawuena Kattah | Nancy Clayton | Nick Fenn | Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye | Philomena Powell | Samuel Jegede | Stanley Galton | Uduehi Imienwanrin | William Mukui

To book opening event: – all welcome

Exhibition Tours – Intoart will be hosting three tours of the exhibition:
Saturday 13th June at 12pm and 2pm & Sunday 14th June at 2pm

The tour is free and open to anyone. The tours will be led by the curators of the exhibition, Ella Ritchie and Sam Jones. It will provide an opportunity to hear more about the works in the exhibition, the artists and will include an introduction to Intoart and its growing collection of works spanning art, design and craft.

Tickets available via the book tickets link

Artwork: Reaching Out, 2024, Nancy Clayton

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