Wax’o Paradiso are 3 astonishing selectors and party starters consisting of Andy Hart, Edd Fisher and DJ Simon TK. With an established residency at none other than the innovative and outstanding Australian festival series ‘Freedom Time’ – which did four dates across Oceania last year, with typically 5000 in attendance, a testament to the crucial staying power and importance of the resident DJs – who fly the flag for local scenes, fostering new talent within the community and providing a platform to break international acts. This year alone they brought over Joe Claussell, Dopplereffekt, Sassy J, and house originator Larry Heard. Wax’o are the peerless Australian DJ super group, rest assured.

Alongside their team pursuits, Andy, Edd and Simon enterprise to the highest degree. Andy Hart runs dope label Voyage Recordings, which has brought us amazing records from Harvey Sutherland, Urulu, and Roza Terenzi. Simon does excellent leftfield techno party ¿Club D’érange? and started Melbourne-based international community station Skylab Radio. And Edd runs the aforementioned Freedom Time festival series which has broken waves in the Australian festival circuit.

We can’t for this DJ trio to join Bradley Zero for an extended session in a warehouse inna SE15 – join us!

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