Peckham Craft Show are very excited to host Louisa Loake’s Block Printing Workshop.

This 3-hour workshop will allow participants to gain a basic understanding of the principles of block printing. Block printing is a technique that involves transferring designs and patterns onto fabric. A block is covered in dye this is then pressed onto the fabric – this can be then repeated over the entire surface of the fabric to create a pattern repeat.

Taking you through each stage of the process with a hands-on creative approach, you will compose your own design and translate this onto a linoleum block. Your block will then be used explore the repeat possibilities. This workshop will give you an idea of the block printing process and what it has to offer, with a creative approach to pattern.

Louisa Loakes has a Fine Art Painting background, her work as an artist has seen a cross over between her abstract paintings and textiles. A self taught block printer wit a unique approach to the craft, Louisa’s textiles are primarily seen as a composition or canvas of a painting.

Hosted by Peckham Craft Show this beautiful workshop will take place during their annual Craft showcase. Make sure you stick around for a browse of the exhibition.

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