Skin-Deep is an exhibition that showcases two thematically interlinked projects: Toni Kitti’s The Persistence Of Plastic and Sensuous by Jaana Pirskanen and Vilma Rimpelä.

The Persistence Of Plastic is Toni Kitti’s autobiographical photo exhibition about the marks and traces of life and death. Kitti fell ill with AIDS and Kaposi’s Sarcoma in 2012, not knowing of his HIV status after having fallen into internet false media about the subject years before. After barely surviving the disease, AIDS, HIV and the feelings of shame and acceptance have been major themes in his work.

Sensuous is a collaborative art project that aims to increase the visibility of over sixty-year-old people. It celebrates body positivity, gender fluidity and sexual plurality. Photographs and videos in this exhibition result from drag and burlesque workshops, where 60+ participants were encouraged to create and explore their own drag and burlesque personas. The workshops were led by drag artist Theodora Rex aka Jaana Pirskanen and documented by Vilma Rimpelä.

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