Over the course of 3 days, Kingston School of Art’s Illustration Animation BA are exhibiting their 2019 graduate work at Unit 8, Copeland Park, Peckham.

Illustration Animation is a course defined by the merging of two disciplines. Without ‘and’ qualifying a boundary or connection between them, they are instead side-by-side companions. Whether we illustrate or animate, both, or sometimes neither, we’ve worked closely, responsively, and more importantly: together.

Illustration Animation as a discipline is constantly evolving and growing. ‘We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Show’ plays on this expansion through stating the impossibility of containing the practice within a space. It will be a cross-section of the vastness and variety of work our course generates and a showcase of our individual and collective voices.

A bigger show for a bigger tomorrow.

Private view Friday 21st June, 5pm

Open all day Saturday 22nd June and Sunday 23rd June.

Alongside our work we will be running a series of workshops and events that will be free and open to all. More information to follow.

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