Whilst Copeland Park offers many new or small businesses the opportunity to open their first bricks and mortar location, the site also plays host to more established businesses looking for that perfect spot.

That’s exactly the case for Vintique London, who joined the Copeland Park community in last November after over five years of trading from different south-east London locations - but the Vintique story goes back much further than that…

For couple and Vintique owners, Howard and Amira, the venture started out as a hobby twelve years ago. Howard was working as a teacher and Amira was juggling a career in events management and studying Education, Culture and Society at Goldsmiths.

H: “My mother worked as an antiques dealer, so I knew a little bit and took some guidance from her. Even still, we started out making lots of mistakes which was the best way to learn.”

A: “We started travelling around to auctions and working out what was selling well, beginning with antiques before switching to more modern, retro items.”

Business continued to grow as the pair became more and more savvy with their purchases and eventually Vintique was no longer a hobby but their main focus, meaning the day jobs could be put on ice. The timing meant a bold decision had to be made, however.

A: “Howard left his teaching job the weekend before I gave birth to our first child! It was a risk, but we couldn’t be happier with how it worked out.”

H: “We wanted to spend more time at home together as a young family and this move allowed us to do that. We figured that if it didn’t work out, I’d just have to go back to teaching – but fortunately that wasn’t the case.”

Vintique built a following over the subsequent years. Known for their quality “but not super high-end” items at reasonable prices, they amassed 20,000 Instagram followers and a growing number of customers nationwide.

A: “We found there was a big market for people that wanted vintage furniture that looked exactly that. Rather than spending £1,000 on a pristine item that had been refurbished, they either wanted to do that work themselves as a hobby or loved the item as is, with all its imperfections and history.”

Over the years, Vintique has called Brockley and then Queens Road, Peckham home before a chance encounter with Copeland Park director, Tim, spurred a move to the site.

A: “Tim came in to buy some new furniture and we got chatting. We were looking for a location with more footfall and Tim thought a furniture shop would be a great addition to Copeland Park.”

H: “Living locally for a long time, we’d been to the site before and knew it would be a good fit for us with plenty of our target customers as events like Peckham Salvage Yard had proved.”

Being in a new location has also influenced how and what they sell. Previously, Vintique focused on larger pieces and sideboards in particular, but since coming to Copeland Park and gaining more footfall, they’ve diversified into smaller items more suitable for casual shoppers such as clothing and art pieces.

A big part of Vintique’s charm is that it is still very much a warehouse and not a pristine furniture shop – the fun is to be had rummaging around and getting the thrill of unearthing a gem.

A: “We wanted to create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere so everything in the shop is priced up clearly and myself or Howard are always on hand to talk over any items.”

H: “For us the fun comes from sourcing those special pre-loved finds for the warehouse – almost all of our products are bought that way, which is a thrill for us and great from a sustainability point of view.

Vintique are continuing to make the most of their new space with music video shoots as well as collaborations with other vintage sellers, including Copeland Park favourites Projekt 26. On top of this they’re planning to expand their range of items further to keep the business growing.

H: “If you look at selling trends from ten years ago compared to now, so much has changed and is still changing. We wouldn’t have survived this long without an element of flexibility. A lot of stores can be quite purist in what they sell, but we’re much more open-minded and adaptable. Vintique will always sell things that work for us and our customers.

You can find Vintique London in Unit 2C, Copeland Park and the warehouse is open Thursdays and Fridays 1-7pm, Saturdays 10am – 5pm and Sundays 11am – 5pm.