Bussey Alley has undergone a transformation this spring, adding to The Completist and Etc.Store we have a brand new home for Peckham Soul, the return of Little Sister to Copeland Park, and RINSED making the jump from Holdrons Arcade.

Holdrons Arcade is Copeland Park’s starting block for new small businesses, often opening their first physical location. This was the case for Brad, owner of hair studio RINSED, who joined the arcade two years ago after living and growing up across south east London.

“I knew Holdrons well as I had friends who ran the Wavey Garms store in the arcade and had spent a lot of time there pre-pandemic, which was a great time for the arcade.”

When there was an opportunity to take a unit in there, Brad just went for it – “I’m more of a doer than too much of a thinker.”

Despite this impulsive start, Brad always had a clear, well thought out idea of what RINSED had to be – a hair studio, eschewing the traditional salon experience.

“Visiting RINSED isn’t just about getting your hair done and me asking if you’ve been anywhere nice on holiday, it’s a time for us to share visions and ideas about who your truest, highest, baddest self is and adorning you with one wavey barnet to match.”

This ethos comes from Brad’s background working on fashion and music shoots for the past 12 years and a belief that deconstructing the often stuffy salon feel in favour of the energetic creativity found on set leads to better results all around. “It allows the customer to really explore what they want from their hair style, and in return it leads to more interesting and rewarding work for the stylists.”

Another fundamental principle of RINSED is offering a texture neutral, non-gendered service. Growing up in south east London, Brad has a friendship group that matches these ethnically diverse areas and wanted to create a space where people with all hair types could come and get the RINSED treatment.

Brad, who identifies as queer, also wanted to remove gender labels and barriers to hairstyles with pricing that reflects this – focusing on the work being done by the stylist, not the person it’s being done for.

“It was important for me to set up my studio in south east London and Peckham – I wanted to be working with and servicing the friends and community that I’ve grown up with.”

Holdrons was a great fit for the beginning of RINSED as a business but the one constant in the arcade is change – “part of its charm is its transient nature, there’s always new ideas and businesses down there” – so this spring it was time for a move into the ground floor of the historic Bussey Building.

“I’m really looking forward to making Bussey Alley home and building this new mini highstreet in the centre of Peckham alongside my neighbouring businesses!”

RINSED is working towards a 7 day opening schedule with more stylists serving more customers, but for now Brad’s focusing on putting the finishing touches to the new unit, ensuring it matches the sparkling creativity of the styling that happens between its four walls.

You can find RINSED in Studio BGB, Bussey Alley, Copeland Park and the studio is open Tuesday – Saturday. Book an appointment here.