With over 150 residents on site, Copeland Park is continually shifting and being shaped by the businesses and artists who call it home. This summer one resident is shaping the park in a more literal way.

From a studio in the Bussey Building Ellie Pritchard runs Arbor Projects, a social enterprise that works with Londoners who don’t have access to green space – designing, taking over and funding these spaces. “We mainly work with housing associations or charities – residents will get in touch with us directly with a rough idea of what they want to achieve. These can be big or small projects, it could be balcony gardens right up to allotments and everything in between.”

Arbor are bringing their amazing work to Holdrons Green situated next to Copeland Gallery. Ellie already began work in the green last year during Peckham Festival, running free cyanotype and natural dyeing workshops using leaves and flowers grown from the green. “This year we want to expand the work we’re doing in Holdrons Green with more workshops but also a regular gardening club so people who work in or visit Copeland Park can take ownership of this green space.”

The aim is to soften and make the most of this small and tranquil green space amongst its more industrial surroundings, opening it up further as a relaxed communal area for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Arbor also plan to utilise Holdrons Green as a venue for a variety of different workshops that all draw vital ingredients from the green itself.

Arbor isn’t the only thing Ellie works on out of her Bussey studio – she joined the site 6 years ago initially as an illustrator but has always loved working outdoors. “I volunteered at Glengall Wharf Garden but during lockdown I began feeling like I wanted to be outside whenever possible.”

Ellie was already running different community projects across an array of mediums but it was the gardening workshops that really took off – eventually resulting in larger-scale projects with the Museum of Homelessness and Dawsons Heights in East Dulwich.

Since then Arbor has continued to grow and allowed Ellie to make more connections with the studios around her. “In the past year or so, since hosting these workshops, I’ve really felt the link to the other studios in the Bussey Building and Copeland Park as a whole. Illustrating in the studio can be quite a solitary pursuit so it’s been great to work on collaborative, outdoor projects in person!”

We’re very excited for the summer in Holdrons Green and you can get involved in Arbor Projects’ workshops at an introductory lunchtime gardening session on 5th July between 12-1pm and then every Friday from 19th July. These workshops are a great opportunity to get involved with the garden’s development, share and learn new skills and get outside during lunchtime! Tasks will vary from watering, sowing seeds, making signs and general garden maintenance. Drop in on the day or sign up by emailing Ellie on ellie@arborprojects.co.uk

Arbor also has plans to run adult and children’s workshops throughout the summer holidays. You can find out more and keep a look out for updates on Arbor’s Instagram and website.