Need an urgent design diagnosis? Looking for an injection of creativity? Then look no further.

This June Kennedy Woods are running a series of free Design Clinics as part of the 2021 London Festival of Architecture.

The pandemic has raised questions around how our environment can become safer, healthier, more human-centred and flexible. No industry is left unaffected and many businesses are being threatened by such challenges. We believe a designer’s mindset can help.

Our workshops aim to tackle any architecture or design challenge you may be facing, whether you’re an NGO, organisation or entrepreneur with a social mission, we’re happy to help. Led by design thinking principles, we’ll help frame problems and suggest ways to address them across brand, strategy, visual communication and design.

To register visit the Design Clinic website and sign-up with your email. You’ll be sent a short form to fill out and Kennedy Woods be in touch shortly to discuss further.

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