Specialising in ambitious spatial design, Kennedy Woods Architecture is a creative studio founded in 2012 by school friends, architect Chris Kennedy and product designer Tom Woods. Its primary interest lies in exploring the collaboration between the two disciplines; blending the rigour and strategy of architecture with the user-centred perspective, and attention to detail, of product design.

KWA have worked on a range of projects from commercial interiors to housing developments – their work is often characterised by explorative and innovative concepts underpinned by a thorough understanding of the processes of design development and delivery.

Having moved to Copeland Park in 2014, KWA was approached to expand the capacity of the mixed-use site, without disrupting its existing ecosystem. Taking into account the worn charm and wide variety of creative, artistic, fitness and faith groups, the challenge was to build upon current success without sterilising it, while protecting the interests of the local community.

High street access was created through a pedestrian connection via the back of an existing arcade, making space to add commercial units with an outdoor space for bars and cafes. Copeland Park saw an increase in foot traffic as well as activation of a large disused yard at the estate’s heart.

There are two other onsite projects underway; a series of drop-in shipping containers with a difference – seeking to continue the development pattern of the arcade, and include a large covered seating area – and the improved use of Bussey Building’s 1000 m2 roof space, allowing year round usage.