Peckham has been a fixture on London’s art scene since the early 2000s, and has become one of the country’s most important art hubs.

Through Open Spaces, you can meet the makers of this special postcode in the intimacy of their studios as they open their doors to the public.

Peckham Festival 202117-19th September

People make Peckham, and no more so than the artists, makers and creators of SE15. This year’s Festival aims to showcase the creative talent of Peckham.

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Campbell Cadey

Architect studio working with urban design and landscape

Just Trade

Sustainable fair-trade jewellery and accessories brand

Malathie De Silva

Unique and hand-carved stone and wood carvings

Mark Pearson

Peckham painter working in oils, acrylic & ink

Aira Therapy

AIRA Therapy, founded by local clinical aromatherapist Emily Muffett, is an artisanal aromatherapy studio.

Andrew Cadey

Andrew Cadey’s architectural illustrations explore the historic variety and detail of the buildings that surround us.

Camberwell Designs

Illustrations of beloved community buildings often in danger of being closed or lost as London develops and grows.

Catnap Design

Luxury affordable illustrated plates, bowls & homeware (with added cats).

Cristina Mufer

Cristina Mufer is a graphic artist with extensive experience in the field of design and illustration.

Charlotte Whiston

Charlotte is a silkscreen printmaker often depicting architectural spaces using geometric abstraction.

Doris Kobehi

Handmade African jewellery made with antique, tribal, natural African handcrafted materials.

False Summit

False Summit – For the Unknown. Clothes for the founders, the creators, the makers, the side hustlers, and the startuppers.

Emile Rafael

Emile Rafael is a filmmaker and a painter. With his paintings, he studies abstract portraits to express inner emotional landscapes.

Felix Harrison

Felix is a 10 year old designer/maker who creates 3D printed badges with a local theme…PECKHAM!

Grizelda Kitching

Kitching’s practice primarily involves paper-based, process-led, printmaking.

Isabel Ford

Inspired by the vibrant, eclectic décor of her childhood home an echo of her father’s antique shop. Isabel’s designs reimagine…

Jan Bowman

Architect-trained professional artist and author, from Scotland via Canada. Pictures of democracy, gardens and cities.


Geraldine, founder of Jewelfish creates subtly detailed and intriguing pieces in precious metals to interpret her visual ideas.

Joanna Brinton

Joanna is an artist specialising in participation, publications and print.

Jonathan Lawes

Jonathan Lawes creates prints with a distinctly graphic edge, reflecting his love of geometry, shape, and pattern.

Kate Parkin

Printmaker and illustrator focusing on landscapes and aspects of urban life.

LeilaDunning Projects

Architecture and design agency.

Nestor Pestana

Nestor Pestana is an artist, researcher and educator that uses worldbuilding and storytelling to imagine worlds that challenge our own.

Pipkin & Co

Scented soy candles with a Nordic Twist.

Marion Lahayville

Pottery inspired by nature and wildlife.

Rumble Cards

A London-based greetings cards company that creates quirky designs which focus primarily on modern celebrity and media culture.

Roz Edenbrow

Roz considers abstract patterns in nature, serendipitous mark making.

Row X Row

A knitwear brand inspired by 1990's streamlined silhouettes, and with a love for simplicity and colour.

Taya The Label

TAYA The Label is an ethical fashion accessories brand with an emphasis on unique print design and luxuriously silky sustainable…

Snuffles and Spud

Snuffles and Spud make super bright, colourful and unisex baby clothing in stark contrast to the usual pink and blue.

Shirin Ovissi

Shirin Ovissi creates bold dynamic and intricately layered abstract paintings that inspire hope and happiness.

Serena Katt

Serena Katt is an illustrator and artist, working with narrative illustration, pencil drawing and collage.

The Hoochie Truck

The hoochie trunk, use recycling fabrics to make new clothes with a vintage vibe.

Terence Harrison

Terry, being an avid skateboarder & sustainablist, wanted to see if a skateboard could very simply become something else

Oliver Snelling

Oliver is a sculptor and letterer, currently studying carving at City and Guilds of London Art School.

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