With an emphasis on ancestor veneration & the wisdom of proverbs. Artist, Zari Olawale, offers an afternoon of Art, Poetry & Music.

Zari is of British-Nigerian-Jamaican heritage. He grew up in the city of Lagos in a culture suffused with proverbs. All of Afrika is built on the skill of dropping a proverb for every life issue. When the elders spoke with proverbs, the young went away to decipher them.

My work is guided by ancestry veneration and the viability of their presence with us. This solo show is a collection of shapes, colour, symbols, mixed media and performance poetry.

The ancestors have something to say.

He hopes to introduce you to the place of proverbs in our daily lives. This series of paintings are a reminder of who we really are part of.

All works on show are for sale.

Presented by The Palace of the Dogs.

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