Join Shamita Ray at Yogarise for a creative dynamic flow practice followed by a blissful yin and gong experience.

Shamita will teach a a 60-minute minute dynamic flow with a creative sequence of postures which will challenge the body, calm the mind, and lift the spirit. You will explore a full spectrum of postures including standing, balancing, and inverting, all linked together with playful transitions, and flowing seamlessly with the breath. A complete practice which will pull out all the stops, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised. Expect hands-on adjustments, plenty of variations, and an emphasis on alignment and breath as you move with mindfulness, intention and focus.

Wind down with a soothing yin practice, accompanied by the resonant vibrations of the gong. Enjoy long-held, restorative postures, and float into a blissful savasana – the ultimate relaxation experience!

Shamita started life as a dancer and choreographer, specialising in contemporary dance and bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance). She started practising Iyengar yoga as a means to increase flexibility and complement dance training. A chance wandering into an Ashtanga class one day turned what was, until then, a mere hobby, into a lifelong passion, rivalling her love for dance.

She went on to undertake 200 & 500 hour teacher training, eventually developing her own style of Dynamic Yoga which combines the precision and alignment of Iyengar, with the breath and dynamism of Ashtanga.

Her classes are creative, flowing, peaceful, and strong. She loves challenging practitioners to discover what their bodies are truly capable of, while maintaining a sense of humour and playfulness. She uses her background as a dancer to choreograph imaginative sequences that move seamlessly from one posture to another, in a dance-like flow of breath and movement. The practice is safe, nurturing, and sustainable, designed to serve body and mind, regardless of level of ability.

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