This restorative yoga and meditation course with Rishin Paonaskar is designed to relax and restore your body and mind. During each session of this 4-week course you will be introduced to a toolkit of accessible meditation techniques, restorative poses and (pranayama) breathwork practices that can be replicated when you are home or even on the move to help you downregulate your nervous system, slow down your thoughts and connect with a sense of inner stillness.

Modern life comes with its challenges and one of the most common of these is its time-pressured pace and the feeling of being so busy all the time that we feel overwhelmed, fatigued and stressed. However, we all have access to simple resources such as a connection with our breath and a connection with the ground which we can tap into with specific techniques to allow us to slow things down.

Each week you will be introduced to meditation techniques, restorative poses and breathing practices that will help you relax and find a feeling of stillness. The beauty of restorative yoga and these techniques is that they can be done by anyone and poses can be adapted to work for you even if you are working with injuries of limited mobility. They can also be a wonderful way to balance a more active dynamic practice.

Pranayama techniques will include Samavritti (even breath), visamavritti (uneven breath), brahmari (humming bee breath) and nadisodhana (alternative nostril breathing)

Meditation techniques we will cover will include body rotations, grounding meditations, connecting with the senses and focusing on the breath.

Restorative poses covered will be variations of savasana, supported backbends, supported inversions, twists, side bends and forward folds.

Rishin Paonaskar grew up in India and although yoga was taught at his school, he didn’t take it up until several years later to recuperate from a cycling injury. In 2012 he left a career in banking to start his own food business and also completed his 200 hour Yoga Alliance training at Hot Power Yoga. He has since trained as a myofascial body worker with senior Forrest Yoga teachers Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell, with Judith Hanson Lasater and as a yoga sports coach with the Institute of Yoga Sport Science.

£70 for 4 sessions

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