Join Yogarise for a day retreat with Tanja Mickwitz to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

The new season and moving towards equal days and nights is a powerful time to pause, reflect and re-align ourselves. Equinox calls for inner balance and a change to our rhythm as the light begins to grow. How can we embrace this seasonal change in a mindful way? How do we honour our needs coming out of winter as nature starts to come back to life again? And most importantly – how can we resource ourselves in a way that honours our own soul’s longing?

Marking this seasonal threshold in a conscious way, reflecting over where we have come from and how we wish to move forwards, is a powerful and potent way to come into closer inner alignment with ourselves, our hearts and our spirits.

Tanja will hold a sacred ceremonial space to honour this threshold gateway of spring. You will enjoy embodiment practices – yoga as well as free movement based on JourneyDance, there will be guidance through Tarot and Astrology, contemplation, journaling, meditation, and the opportunity to share in a circle.

Please bring a pen and journal/note book, and if you wish a sacred object of your choosing to place on the communal altar.

A delicious vegan lunch and afternoon tea will be provided ensuring you leave feeling nourished and rejuvenated with that ‘just been on retreat’ type feeling.


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