Explore yoga, music and its effect on the nervous system with Dr Rebekah Jade. Take a deep dive into how music can enhance our yoga practice and help us to regulate the nervous system. You’ll learn how to connect your breath and movement to the beat, and discover some of the physiology behind the changes in the nervous system that help us feel so great during and after class. Bringing together her background in medicine, yoga, physiology and DJing, Rebekah offers up a relaxing workshop open to all. Enjoy a 2-hour session rich with breathwork, vinyasa yoga, discussion and good tunes.

Rebekah spent years studying how to be well through the eyes of medicine and science. It was when yoga came into her life that she understood the full picture of what it means to care for the body, mind and soul. Rebekah is passionate about creating inclusive spaces in yoga and wellness. Her platform, Pana, shares wellbeing practices while celebrating Black culture through music and food to welcome diverse communities.

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