The Kiln Rooms open their doors to the public twice a year; one of these occasions being this weekend. Sneak a peek into the world of the elusive ceramics studio, with a drinks reception at 5pm Friday 14th June and open until Sunday.

The Summer Show will act as a showcase for around 100 up-and-coming artists and designers working with ceramics. They now have three open-access ceramics studios around Peckham. Here is a snippet of what you can expect to see in their Copeland Park studio over the weekend.

Ella Hookway

Ella Hookway makes handcrafted ceramics with clean, functional forms. Each piece is made by hand using monochromatic slabs of stoneware clay and finished with hand painted decoration.

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Colours of the Land

Ceramics created by Lise Herud Braten. Each piece is handmade; thrown on a wheel, built by hand, or often a combination of the two; no two items are exactly the same. Her work reflects memories of growing up in Norway, surrounded by mountains, forests and rocky beaches; and finding textures in craggy rock faces, lichen, moss and layered tree bark. She uses slips, oxides and glazes to recreate some of this rich palette of sometimes unexpected colour combinations.

She mixes her own clays and adds sand to create texture. Japanese techniques such as stretching and carving are often used to create natural forms reminiscent of elements in the wild. The work sits between fine art and functional; a vessel that looks like a rock can hold water and flowers.

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L’Atelier M

All of the creations of Marie Demongeot are handmade, unique and produced in small editions. Embracing the unpredictability that comes from the many shaping steps with clay. Inspired by nature and the seaside where she grew up, crank stoneware has become her favourite clay; mixing different clays and contrasting their rough textures with carefully selected smooth glazes. Since 2016, she has been designing and creating a collection of stoneware dishes made with simple, clean and minimalist lines under the name of L’Atelier M.

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The Kiln Rooms Summer Show opens Friday 14th – Sunday 16th June. Find them down the Bussey Alley.