Little Sister is the shop tucked to the back of Holdrons Arcade that’s quite literally bursting at the seams with one of a kind vintage garments. Take a wander through the bustling arcade to Little Sister, Nicola’s shop of over two and a half years, where she will welcome you with open arms. Be warned you will probably leave having bought at least one of the must-have pieces, and may quite likely have been snapped for the Little Sister Instagram account, which chronicles the fashion styles coming in and out of Holdrons.

When did you start getting into Vintage clothing?

I was always interested in wearing vintage and secondhand clothes. I never wanted to look like anyone else and would steal my grandfather’s tweed jackets and go to Camden Market on the weekends. I have great memories of hunting for stuff with my mum in New York flea markets.


What did you do before Little Sister?

I worked in the TV industry as a lighting camerawoman.


What does a day in your life look like?

I get up very early and take a train to a secret destination to find some great vintage, before getting to the arcade to set up shop. Hopefully lots of interesting people will pop into Little Sister for a chat, advice and perhaps take home a unique piece of clothing.

Do you have a favourite era for clothing?

I really don’t have a favourite era of clothing; my brain is too busy for that and, to be honest, I’m easily bored. It used to be the 70’s, but equally I love the 90’s and the 50’s. It’s the garment, it’s shape and construction, I really enjoy; not the time in which it’s made. This is reflected in the stock you will find in the shop; you will find anything from the 20’s to the 00’s.


You must be the best at fancy dress parties, do you get the opportunity to make the most of this much?

I love a party, dressing up and a good dance, and of course I am spoilt for choice. I’m probably the host’s biggest nightmare as my costumes tend to be very good!


Little Sister’s favourite tunes right now

Listen to Copeland Sounds on Spotify below.