There are always plenty of free exhibitions at Copeland Park; from design, to film, to photography and painting. Here are our top picks of the month, so whether you live locally or fancy an art trip to Peckham, you can start planning your perfect cultural day out.

1. ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’, Chopped Liver Press x Seen Fifteen
27th Sept-12th Oct, Seen Fifteen

Seen Fifteen is delighted to announce a collaboration with artist duo Broomberg and Chanarin for the first UK exhibition of their Chopped Liver Press poster works. The exhibition, taking place during the countdown to the UK’s departure of the EU on 31st October, will launch a special Limited Edition Chopped Liver Press work entitled Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Baby It’s Cold Outside was originally conceived in 2016 as a campaign slogan in the lead up to the Brexit Referendum. The self-initiated campaign, screen-printed onto t-shirts, went viral on social media and appeared in national press coverage in the wake of the historic vote. The 2019 poster edition of the work is released as an act of protest and of commiseration as the chaotic moment of the withdrawal now unfolds.

Chopped Liver Press was founded by Broomberg and Chanarin in 2012 to publish their limited edition posters, which are produced monthly and screen-printed by hand onto selected pages of The New York Times. Screen-printed posters have been used throughout history during moments of political protest and resistance. By creating works on newspaper that interact with the narratives of our time, the Chopped Liver Press posters also commemorate the dying art of print journalism. Baby It’s Cold Outside, made exclusively for the exhibition at Seen Fifteen, is created in an Edition of 31 as a reference to the date that the UK will leave the EU. Each sale will include a £25 donation to the charity, Refugee Action.

2. ‘A Street Loud With Echoes’
18th Oct-17th Nov, South Kiosk

A Street Loud With Echoes continues South Kiosk’s long-term research project into the pioneering work of architecture critic Ian Nairn, whose 1955 edition of Architectural Review revolutionised planning policy in the UK. Exploring post-war migration along the Thames, this final iteration of the project navigates along the river, taking in the new towns and developments that epitomised post-war planning in the UK.

The exhibition takes in three areas along the Thames – Canary Wharf, Thamesmead and Basildon. Each provides its own foundation myth, a sense of identity that was constructed through the pencil of the architects and planners of the time who sought to erase old histories and replace them with new ones.

3. ‘The State of things’, Black History Month
17th Oct-29th Oct, Copeland Gallery

In celebration of Black History Month, the Arts Students’ Union will be showcasing amazing art works, by African-Caribbean students and recent graduates, from the University of Arts London. The exhibition titled ‘The State of Things‘ will feature a range of contemporary artworks that promotes the current thoughts and visual processes created by these artists.

4. ‘Pruinescence’, Carlotta Bailly-Borg
20th Sept–26th Oct, Bosse and Baum

Pruinescence includes a series of new paintings made especially for this show. In these paintings, the artist creates new pictorial and fictional spaces by using distorted perspectives and surrealist formalism. The paintings depict landscapes of faces and bodies colliding, knotted and crammed into compact compositions in which the surface serves to limit their proliferation. This tension, which enmeshes and divides them can, for example, be seen in the painting Chemical Romance where it takes the form of a protruding tongue exploring facial cavities to encroach upon.

As well as the Copeland Park galleries, we also have many fantastic arty neighbours. While you’re in SE15, why not pay a visit to: Hannah Barry, Bold Tendencies, South London Gallery, Bo.Lee Gallery  and the many other galleries.