Based in The Bussey Building, Bosse & Baum is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2014 by Alexandra Warder and Lana Churchill. With a strong focus on performance art and an active events programme accompanying exhibitions, the gallery brings current discourse to the attention of existing and new audiences, whether in the local community and internationally.

Lana and Alexandra are steering the gallery into an open, accessible testing ground and solid foundation for artists and audience – encouraging active viewing and conversation while supporting artists’ growth beyond the gallery space, into both private and institutional collections. Bosse & Baum operates within the public and private spheres and seeks to move visual and performance art forward in the current cultural and economic climate.

Bosse & Baum represents a number of artists, such as Miriam Austin, Luke Burton, Candida Powell-Williams and Caterina Silva and the gallery has also launched a non-profit project called Micros Social Cultures in 2018. Supported by the Arts Council England, this is a cultural community space which provides a workman platform for people to support artists’ practices. The programme is curated by Jamie Sutcliffe, who is working with Hardeep Pandhal, Anna Zett, Claire Potter and Monira Al Qadiri on a series of public events.