The newest resident to join Holdrons Arcade is the two-man team, Tees & Ting. Self-described ‘Garms Dealers’, their freshly kitted out shop stocks street and skate wear. The brand is rooted in a love of fashion and all that surrounds it.

What is Tees & Ting?

Tees & Ting does what it says on the tin. We prominently sell t-shirts but also have lots of ting. The ting is represented in the form of bags, caps, hoodies, Boonies [wide brim hats], sneaker cleaner, incense and wallets. We stock about a dozen brands at any one time.

How did you find out about Holdrons Arcade?

We found out about Holdrons from following Wavey Garms and Balamii. I used to run Bowlcut out of Peckham Print Village but it made sense to sell the items as I was working.

Who makes up the team?

The team is made up of Joe from Bowlcut Garms and Matt from Mr Thunders. We also have a shop mascot in the form of French Bulldog Paulie Walnuts who can be found snoozing behind the counter.

How did you meet?

We met just after Bowlcut Garms formed in 2016. Matt has been involved in fashion for over two decades and he reached out to Bowlcut and the rest is history.

Is this your first business venture together?

We’ve created a brand and sold that into Topman and we work together on putting Bowlcut into Selfridges & Asos but this is our first jointly owned business.

What is Bowlcut Garms?

Bowlcut is a clothing label that operates mostly online but now takes physical form as one of the brands at Tees & Ting. Bowlcut gives a twist on popular brands with London slang and a strong nod to rave music in the form of t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. It’s just celebrated its 4th birthday and is owned by Joe who works in Tees & Tings.

Have you always had an interest in clothes?

I’ve always had an interest in sportswear and trainers and latterly brands that fall in the streetwear category. I’ve never really been into high end brands as I prefer supporting grass roots labels from the U.K. but in hindsight I guess so. I didn’t go to Art College and am self taught.

Do you design and make the clothes?

Me and Matt design Bowlcut & Mr Thunders respectively, we get them made in the U.K. and the other brands: Lurkers, Porter Yoshida, The Hated Skateboards, Dready, AKA Six, Wayward London etc we buy into the shop. They’re either friends of ours or brands that we look up to and dig their ethos and designs. It’s mad to stock such an array of brands under one roof.

Can you tell us about the Eco-friendly side to your business?

All of our logo plastic bags that we hand out with each sale are biodegradable, all of the tees are printed on organic cotton and with vegan ink. We like to make a mark where we go but not on the environment.


What’s on the Tees & Ting shop playlist?

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