Spring kicks off on the 20th of March, so to ease you through this final Winter push, we’ve got a months worth of art exhibitions lined up.

Kostas Sklavenitis : Kneaded

Bosse and Baum
14th February - 28th March 2020

Bosse & Baum is pleased to present Kneaded, an exhibition of new paintings and wall murals by the Greek artist Kostas Sklavenitis. This is the artist’s first exhibition with Bosse & Baum, and in London. In this body of work Sklavenitis investigates the social significance and symbolism of bread. The production, sale, and sharing of bread forms a key narrative and symbolic element, which results in highly emotive works that evoke comparisons with both prehistoric cave drawings and modernist abstraction, giving the paintings a sense of historicity and timelessness. The worlds that the artist creates are bright, filled with light and movement, with figures overlapping and conjoining, as their lives are impacted by the various processes key to the production of this essential component within worldwide cultures and societies.

Sklavenitis stimulates all five senses, providing a visual feast of colour and line, combining the importance of taste and smell, as well as conveying a deep sense of texture emphasised by the inclusion of sand and jesmonite in the wall murals. He uses frescos, paintings on walls and canvas, to create a Gesamtkunstwerk, a “total work of art”. The exhibition space, like the paintings, has no specific focal point, drawing the eye in equal measure across the breadth and depths of the paintings and walls. The flowing compositions and striking colours create an immersive environment and are an important continuation of his style of work to-date.

FORM by Revolv Collective

Seen Fifteen
Open Now - 23rd February

Seen Fifteen is delighted to invite Revolv Collective back to Peckham to stage a group exhibition of new works and an exciting programme of public events.

Revolv Collective are four emerging artists – Ibrahim Azab, Lucas Gabellini-Fava, Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova – who share Seen Fifteen’s love of boundary-pushing photographic practice. F O R M presents an expanded view of photography, bringing together works that cross discipline and merge photography with painting, moving image and sculpture. F O R M sets out to challenge the traditional language of photography – a medium that seeks to represent yet consistently fails to do so – and aims to create a visual discourse around the role of the photographic in contemporary culture.

Man-Eaters: Light and Dark in the Ecosystem

Back Room Gallery
26th February - 1st March

A series of mixed-media paintings/drawings that explore the various sensory and emotional aspects of human beings living in natural, primal environment. Primarily the relationship between Paleolithic people and their local ecosystem. Observing themes of cultural expression, hunting, spiritual practice.

Penultimatum by Wimbledon Arts

Copeland Gallery
6th - 8th March

Emerging artists from third year BA Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon College of Arts.

The Place I Call Home

Copeland Gallery
11-21st March

A unique exhibition, called The Place I Call Home, reaches the Copeland Gallery in Peckham this March as part of a touring schedule that spans ten venues in seven countries.

The exhibition, curated by David Drake, Director of Ffotogallery Wales, features work by 15 photographers and artists from the Arab world and UK exploring the theme of ‘home’ through stories of culture and heritage which challenge stereotypes and shed light on differences and commonalities.

The exhibition has a particular focus on the lives, experiences and opportunities for young people in a dynamic and fast changing world where people are more mobile and globally connected than ever before. The exhibition features film, photography and mixed-media works by Eman Ali (Oman/UK), Zahed Sultan (Kuwait/UK), Abi Green (UK/Qatar), Hassan Meer (Oman), Ben Soedira (UK/UAE), Sara Al Obaidly (UK/Qatar), Mashael Al Hejazi (Qatar), Moath Alofi (Saudi Arabia), Mohammed Al-Kouh (Kuwait), Hussain Almosawi & Mariam Alarab (Bahrain), Ammar Al-Attar (United Arab Emirates), Gillian Robertson (UAE/UK), Sebastian Betancur-Montoya (Qatar/Colombia), Josh Adam Jones (UK/Oman) and Richard Allenby-Pratt (UK/UAE).

Coat Hook

Back Room Gallery
27th - 29th March

A collaborative exhibition that encompasses the modern dynamics found between ourselves as artists and self reflection of upon the environments of our upbringings. We traverse the characters and places we encounter through our varied practices; each however, connecting through a language that is a direct response to our merging of circumstances.

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