Born and raised in South London, Amy is an independent, self-taught artist, working mainly in acrylic paint on canvas.

Amy’s work is centred around contrast – the good in the bad and the bad in the good. Influenced by consumerism, popular culture and everyday life, Amy’s paintings are often bright, bold and graphic in style. By juxtaposing upbeat visuals with dark themes, Amy finds humour and irony in the mundane.

Amy is not limited to painting and has produced multiple videos, short stories and mixed media works. If Amy has an idea, or is inspired by something, she must find a way to create it, by any means necessary, no matter the medium.

With a background in film production, Amy has story telling at her core. She is a tenacious, visual thinker with unique ideas.

Amy has been based in the studio since 2022 and shares with Malathie De Silva (sculptor) and David J East (filmmaker and painter).