Arbor works with communities to create inspiring outdoor spaces where people can meet, learn, grow and enjoy the benefits of being outside. Arbor aims to connect people with their local green spaces, whether these are on their windows sills, on their estates or in their wider neighbourhoods. By working collaboratively, they encourage communities to transform their spaces to suit their needs. We do our work through three main ways;
– educational workshops
– transforming green spaces
– creating engaging resources

Ellie Pritchard founded Arbor in 2021 and has been working in green spaces across London since. Supporting and co-creating with community groups on transformational projects and delivering creative workshops. Long term projects are often 6 months long whilst workshops can be stand alone. These sessions often focus on the magic of plants local to the area and explore their uses from creating natural dyes and inks to delicious cordials. Ellie has a background in illustration, arts education and community engagement which feeds into Arbors work.

Arbor have recently started working in Holdrons Green and Ellie will be running gardening sessions every Friday 12-1pm throughout Summer. A great chance to meet others, get outside and learn some new skills during lunchtime. Arbor will also be back again at this year’s Peckham Festival running family friendly workshops across the weekend.

As well as workshops and gardening clubs, Arbor also works on larger scale projects across the city. Most recently they have been working with the Museum of Homelessness to co-design their new green space and supporting residents at Dawsons Heights estate with an allotment project.