Creative Impact Club is a not-for-profit club of over 500 amazing creative professionals from more than 30 disciplines using their creative skills to support local Social Impact Entrepreneurs, Charities and Community Initiatives for free.

Founded in Peckham in 2018, their mission is to help our local communities thrive and grow by unleashing the incredible power of the UK’s Creative Industries, starting right here in South East London.

Their creative volunteers work with local charities and community businesses to create applicable strategy, content and design toolkits to support them in their marketing.

In 2023, Creative Impact Club:

1. Invested £152K in Social Impact projects
2. Worked with over 20 Charities & Community Businesses from Peckham and Southwark
3. Provided volunteer work for 120+ Creative Professionals – culminating in 2000+ hours spent on projects
4. Produced 23 Impact Events

And so much more!