We are a small independent Hifi Rum Bar & restaurant located deep in the heart of Peckham’s Prestigious Copeland park. Jumbi was founded in 2022 by Bradley Zero Phillip & Nathaniel Williams and is a celebration of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora. We have tried to create an atmosphere uncompromisingly based on kindness, acceptance and inclusion to create a safer space for all communities.

JUMBI means ‘spirit’ in Dominican Creole/Antillean folklore; thought to have derived from the Congolese word ‘Nfumbi’, JUMBI also translates as ‘Zombie’ in Haitian Creole. Legend says JUMBI is a mischievous spirit and a protective ancestral apparition said to have survived the journey from Africa to the new world.

JUMBI, like the mischievous spirit, aims to shake up the Peckham nightlife order by creating a new, independent, Black owned space. At the heart of this are staff with a genuine passion for high-end audio, vinyl, diasporic food and mixology.