Liza Giles is a British contemporary painter. Her large abstract works communicate simply through the use of colour, shape and texture. Large free brush strokes and instinctive mark making contrast with hard sharp lines, creating tension between positive and negative space.

‘My works are driven by an impetus to ‘switch off’ and re-engage with our instinct – a quiet, inexplicable voice within us that communicates an emotion or feeling only art or music can evoke. In our fast paced technological world, it seems ever more vital we don’t render ourselves blind to that deep primal language, so often undervalued’.

Each piece will have a different meaning to the viewer, speaking to an individual in a unique way. ‘I hope that my work is approachable and un-intimidating, speaking honestly to its observer in that pure and simple way. Each work is not about how it makes you think, but essentially how it makes you feel’.

Liza Giles trained in fine art and printed textiles at Liverpool JM University. She began working as a textile designer, before pursuing an 18 year career as Art Director, working on interior photo shoots around the world.

Now, as a full time painter, those years of honing her style with an uncompromising eye for detail, to produce innovative and inspirational imagery is now being distilled into her paintings.

Liza works from her London-based studio and her paintings are sold worldwide, including USA, Japan, Russia, Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Austrailia, Brazil, Peru, China and the UK.