Men’s Minds Matter is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in suicide prevention and intervention. We are a leading voice in suicide prevention, male suicide and male psychology in the UK and actively campaign to raise awareness of suicide in men.

Our model of Psychological Entrapment and Suicidal Crises is the first of its kind and brings together psychological science, clinical and lived experience of suicide. The model underpins and guides everything we do which is what sets them apart from other mental health charities and not for profits in this area.

Men’s Minds Matter is run by Nigel Sanderson (suicide intervention specialist, lived experience expert and MMM director) and Dr Luke Sullivan (suicide intervention specialist, clinical psychologist and MMM director). Our main aim is to develop an interactive, live, web-based application that will bring their intervention to as many people as possible through their digital platforms. This is the first intervention of its kind and we believe it has the potential to save many lives.