School of Skate provide online, group and private skateboard lessons, and run events and space hire at their Copeland Park site, such as:

  • birthday parties
  • skate jams
  • skate camps & workshops
  • art shows
  • product/film launches
  • music events
  • team building events

School of Skate have been giving affordable skateboard lessons at London Skateparks, and provided services to festivals & corporate events since 2017. They are stoked to have their first indoor & weather-proof location in 2023.

Director Stuart Hopper has worked in digital transformation, and wants to use technology to join up the skateboard community and make skateboarding more accessible, irrespective of income, location, background or any physical or mental impairments.

School of Skate recognise the benefits that practicing an activity like skateboarding brings, including building life skills, such as resilience, increased focus, and social skills. It makes us more creative and is an outlet for play, which makes us happier individuals. School of Skate wants to promote these aspects in the community, and offer free access to their learning system to charities and non-profits. Please reach out for more information.